In your opinion, does he still like me?

Hi! So a little background info, I've known this guy for about a year and at first he kinda though I was annoying but now we are pretty good friends I guess. At the beginning of this year people told me he liked me and they always asked if we were dating. He was messing around and he's like "oh yeah of course." One of my friends showed me a text where he clearly said he liked me and had feelings for me or whatever and he wanted to know if I liked him. My friend said no. And after that he stopped talking to me and just started being really rude. That was about the time I started talking to his best friend a lot more. Then they stopped talking. Today I asked him why they stopped talking and he said flat out "because he ruined my life." I asked what he meant and he wouldn't tell me. My friend asked if it had to do with me and he said yeah and walked away. I was messing with him and took his phone trying to get him to tell me and he just asked why I care and why does it matter. ? What does that mean? Can you decode him for me?


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  • He really likes you and he's angry that you didn't like him back and he's jealous that you talk to his best friend.