Should I give him more time or drop him? guys only please?

I've been talking to this guy for like 7 months. things are progressing slow but we are getting a little more serious now. 2x now his mentioned he would be ok with me getting pregnant by his kid. and i have spent 2 days at his house just cuddling and watching movies. but the only thing is is that he hasn't asked me to date and he dosnt text me every day like i miss u or i wanna see you. there's always gaps of over a week where we hang out. but when we do hang out he seems to like me and always complementing mer. and last time he said you would be the type of gf that i wouldn't worry about cheating.
so my question is should i let things keep going the way they are.. i can feel talking to him about being official is too early to mention. am i wasting my time with him? is he just flattering me? or should i give him more time to see if he comes around?


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  • I think you should let things keep going the way they are. As you said, they're progressing slowly, but they're progressing.

    • so just because he dosnt want to see me like everyday dosnt necessarily mean anything?

    • If things were more... advanced between you I'm sure he would like to see you every day. But they're progressing, with the time it may happen, maybe sooner than you expect. I just think that it's worth to give it a try a little more.

    • ok thank you

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