How to Flirt? I need to know!

Okay, I have a crush on this guy, and I really honestly like everything about him. I really want him to like me back, but I have two problems:
1. He has a lot of friends that are girls (and girls fawning over him)
2. I'm not 100% sure that he likes me back

I have a pretty good relationship with him, but I want to make it special to him.

(I'm not giving it to him flat out. I'd be too embarrassed to do that.)
How can I subtly flirt with him so he can sorta get the hint?
(by flirting I DON'T mean winking or wearing makeup)


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  • There is no manual. You flirt by talking. You flirt by being in one another's presence. You flirt by getting along.


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  • Stare, talk to him all the time, make him feel special (meaning seek him out for things)


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