I need help and opinons on this please help I messed up and want to fix this?

So I've been sleeping with this girl for almost 2 years. yes im attached, anyways I was talking to a new girl who I met that I liked a lot anyways we only a few times, she went home for a few weeks because she's in school. anyways I invited the girl I was sleeping with as a friend to a party I went too. she sat on my lap the whole time, anyways the other girl got upset and texted me and said I heard you were inviting other girls to a party. she got really upset and told me she doesn't want to talk to me again and that she doesn't have time for me to play with her emotions, I want to fix this she doesn't text back even when I told her I was sorry and I messed up. the only time she did text back I said hey and she said what and I told her some took my phone and she just said k.
What do you guys think I really need help fixing this...

Another thing is that she already forgave me once Becuase of the same girl... So I don't think she will again I guess I'm screwed...


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  • If you really like her, tell her the truth, that you really like her and that you want something with her. If she got upset is because she likes you too and be honest with the other girl and end things with her. Focus yourself in one girl, not in two. Put all your efforts in and she will see them and see you :)


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  • the only way to fix it is if you ask her to be official… its clear she dosnt like you being with other girls.

    • I mean the whole thing of she doesn't want to talk to me again.

    • i feel like she will only if you make things exclusive. other wise you have to let her go

  • Try to do what lovestruck12 said, if no avail, i suggest you forget about it. If she is meant to be yours, it will happen. Sometimes we hurt ourselves trying to hold on to something that is meant to released!


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