When I asked him what our label was, he said "I don't know" and got awkward?

Me and this guy have been sleeping together for a couple months now, he says he likes me a lot, introduced me to his friends and stuff. I'm almost positive he isn't over his ex though, who is perfect. :/

The morning after we were cuddling and I asked him what he would label us as, and he said I don't know, what do you think? and i said I don't know.

I also asked if he's talking to anyone else and he made a joke as if to say he wasn't. but he didn't say "no you're the only one I'm talking to"

Should I move on?


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  • You should move on if you want a concrete relationship. If you are enjoying just have "fun" and the casual sex then don't rock the boat.

    • but what if he tells me he likes me often, texts me daily and wants me to meet his friends? Maybe he just isn't ready yet.

    • Yeah, but you sound like you are ready. That would be the reasoning to ask the question. It's been a few months now and that sounds like long enough to know if you wanna be with someone.

    • I'm gonna let him know i just want to be friends and explain why. I don't just wanna be a hook up anymore.

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  • If you want a real relationship (girlfriend and boyfriend), then yeah move on. If all you do with him is have sex, then move on. If he really isn't over his girlfriend then he is rebounding. But don't think it's because you're not "perfect" like her. To someone else you are perfect.

  • I'd get a straight answer out of him.

    "Are you seeing other girls?" Yes or no. then make your decision.

    Also, its been months, I'd never go that long with someone without knowing what we are in the first place.

  • If you want a boyfriend, walk away. If you want just sex, stick around.

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