Who am I supposed to be mad at? Should I be mad?

I've had a thing with this guy for a couple of months. We like each other a lot, but haven't decided to date because we're still trying to decide if we want to. However, we don't talk to other people, and many people have started to ask if we are dating. One of my "friends" (she's a friend of a friend and we don't know each other extremely well) fooled around with him about a month ago, but this was before people knew that we had a thing. She apologized and said she'd stop talking to him, but recently he's told me that she's been trying to text him and snapchat him all the time. The guy and I aren't "exclusive", but it was understood that we weren't trying to get with other people. I know for a fact that they've been hanging out recently. Who should I be mad at? Is it right to be mad at both of them? I'm just so confused about it all.. I'm not necessarily pissed or anything but I just feel really strange because it confuses me based on other things that have happened. Thanks in advance!

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  • He's the one who decided to do that when you were agreed it was a thing where you weren't seeing other people.
    He decided that. Not her. Listen, if you have a man, and he fucks out on you. Blame him. The other girl has no commitment or loyalty to you, be is meant to. If he breaks that, it's on him.

    • That's so true. He's a jerk. Thank you for your opinion!

    • You're welcome.
      Now at least you know a few more signs to look out for in guys that might mean they're jerks at least lol, that's what I think anyway. Everytime you meet a jerk just teaches you something else about guys.

    • Very very true!! Thank you for your help!!

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  • I don't think deciding to date or not is usually something that takes months. Is it more him him that decided this and you agreed? I think if you don't want to date someone straight away it usually means he isn't into you enough or vice versa. Could also mean he's trying to get the best of both worlds. Like @bloodfaith said you should try and seal the deal to make sure he's not just wasting your time.

    • Well we only recently (within the last week) started thinking about it, it's a fairly new idea. I've been the hesitant one, because I'm not a typically commitment-y kind of person (I'm really choosy about guys). Makes sense though. Thanks for your words/advice :)

    • Well it seems like he's not a shy person so if he's gone for someone else then so be it, if he really liked you enough he would be chasing you.

      The only exception to that would be either he is shy and waiting for you to approach him, or he thinks you don't like him.

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  • this is why I make things exclusive... don't have these issues.