Crushing sucks,... please help?

Hey. I've liked this guy ever since the start of the school year. He is new here, so he didn't have many friends in the beginning. He was very studious and very very caring, and so polite and all that. But then he met new friends and his friends aren't the nicest people, so i think he is pressured. Anyway, so he changed his behavior a little. Less caring, less polite,.. etc. Whatever. I don't care, because I know he is very nice.

He and I have had only like 5 multiword conversations,.. not very meaningful haha.
But someone told me that he is dating someone (my friend)..
But he sometimes looks at mean but not often. I don't know.

Guys, do you think it is possible to see someone a little bit while dating someone?


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  • First, you should figure out if he really is dating your friend and Second, you should talk to him more lol. Even if he is dating your friend it doesn't mean you are banned from ever talking to him again 😉