How would you act around a girl?

How do you act around a girl if you liked her, just wanted to be friends, viewed her as one of the guys, just trying to be friendly, or viewed her like a sister? if you are a girl answer what you have noticed in guys behavior.


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  • You will find that most guys that are attracted to a girl will be a bit stand offish as in trying not to come on too strong or not jinx things to lose the girl, this however confuses most girls as if when a girl likes a guy she usually moves closer where as a guy moves further away and views her from a distance. Most girls would get closer smell his cologne, try to indirectly and accidently brush up against him or indirectly look at him with a mirror, or even elbow him in the ribs if he doesn't signal interest back.


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  • If she is my sister i act like me if she's a friend im me if i like her im quiet


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