What are your thoughts on an "accidental girlfriend"?

So there is this new girl at my job (bout 3 weeks new now), we got along well, and joked with each other like we'd been friends already. My co-workers jumped on the band wagon and started, well, making us a couple i guess? At one point someone asked her if we were really going out with each other, she said it was up to me, i assumed she was running along with the joke as they'd been picking on us for days now. I never responded, or really got the chance to. We stayed close and i suppose the implied meaning was that i was for it. though in actuality it all flew over me head, i figured don't knock it til you try it, so we're having a go at it. even though our relationship is the result of, essentially, miscommunication.


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  • That's pretty funny. Well, how do you feel about it? If you like it keep it going, but definitely don't feel like you have to be in it, best to end it before the ball gets rolling if you're actually not that interested

    • so far so average. biggest thing to come to grips with is she has a kid, so, she'll hav to steal my heart away thats for sure xD

    • Does not sound like you're fully committed then, I think you listed the problem your self you guys need to communicate and just sit down and define the relationship and how you feel about the situation, if you hold things from each other only bad things will come from it, so just be open about things

    • truer words were never spoken.