Is he serious about me? Or am I fooling myself?

I've been in a relationship with this guy since May, and we used to talk all the time. He's always been really sweet, and he's gone so far as to mention marriage. But shortly after he mentioned marriage, he seemed to be pulling away. He started getting really busy, our time together just started to slip away.

I sometimes find myself wondering if maybe he's lost interest.

We haven't talked to each other in 3 weeks now. I guess what worries me the most about not talking to him for so long is that my ex did the exact same thing before leaving me.

But I really care about my current boyfriend, the feelings I have for him are much stronger than anything I've felt before, and I don't want to lose him.

Is he as serious about this relationship as I am?

A few other things I left out of this post that might help.

He lives in a different state than I do. The last time I talked to him, his reasoning for being so busy is working a lot in order to get the money to move closer to me.


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  • No, he is not.


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  • Yeah, three weeks is a long time to not contact someone you're interested in.

  • He wants to get rid of u... Indirectly hez ignoring u with false reasons... Happens when he looses interest in u... ND if u ignore him at this point then there are chances he himself will text u later on when he has no one for him...


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  • Huge worry that you haven't talked in 3 weeks :/ Despite your feelings I think you need to break it off because he's lost interest.

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