Is it wrong for me to not want to feel like a second choice?

First of i just want to say yes i know i'm not the prettiest girl out there in fact i honestly don't find my self pretty by any means, (but i have been called pretty or cutie by guys i have dated before)

In most cases it just seams like when i really like a guy he always falls for someone else i know or i just over looked completely and it's not until hey get to know me that they take an interest in me and start flirting with me (after they have become good friends with me and have dated a few other people)

So my question is, Is it wrong of me to not want to be a guys second or third choice or should i give any guy who has an interest in me a chance to be with me...


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  • No not wrong at all! Every girl deserves to be with a guy who wants her and only her, a guy whose first choice is her. Get some confidence and know that you are beautiful and you're worth it and don't settle for second best, and don't believe you are second best


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  • It's not wrong at all, ain't no body wanna be a second choice!

  • First off if you feel like your second best than everyone else will too


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