Looked up ex, found she's engaged. Shouldn't have done it?

As the headline says. I don't know why I did, my thoughts kind of drifted to her. We haven't seen or spoken in months, probably were never going to again.

I feel a bit... well I'm not sure, I don't how to feel right now. I actually am fighting back tears a bit. I know nothing was ever going to happen between us, but I feel really lost right now. Maybe I needed more closure on this than I realized :(


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  • I think you're realizing that she got away. Doesn't matter how good or how toxic a relationship is, or how long ago it ended, there's always a sense of loss when they've officially moved on. That's not a bad thing. It's probably healthy. I think you're realizing that there is no longer any chance with her. You may have decided that at the moment of the break up but I think it's hitting you again. It's all official now.

    I'm not sure how to tell you to deal with it and I don't think there are a list of steps to take to handle it, but you need to find a way to deal with it. Don't dwell on it or else you'll risk never overcoming it and you may never get to be engaged yourself.

    Try to be happy for her.

    • All things I'm trying to tell myself, thanks.

    • We parted well enough as the situation allowed, so there's that for what it's worth.

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  • Live and let live.

    Find someone new Is the only advice I can give, Don't stew.


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  • I feel ya! my ex got engaged couple months ago as well..
    Its not like i still had feelings for him whatsoever. But, its just weird to me how at some point i was gonna be 'that' person. In all honesty, I'm really really happy for him. You should be happy for her as well..

  • She's happy, so you should be happy for her and be happy for what your future holds, maybe she's the one who got away? But yes I agree you needed more closure, maybe send her a nice message on FB. It will be appreciated by her

  • I know exactly how you feel i can't even tell you how many time i have done that with an ex bf in fact i just did it that other day o FB. but it doesn't so much matter why you did it as it does with how it makes you feel. if you feel like you need closure from her, send her a message (as long as you didn't end on bad terms) say hey how have you been?

    • But don't let it get to you either she has moved on and found someone new that she wants to spend her life with, don't ruin that by making her feel guilty or anything. it's ok to contact her and talk to but at the same time leave your self open to find new love

    • Thanks for the suggestion, but I don't think I am going to contact her. I don't think she'd want me popping back up in her life, and not as she just announced her engagement. My feelings aren't her responsibility to deal with.

    • That's a good thing to realize, if you don't think you can keep your feeling separate other than just being a friend, then you'd be right not to message her, but i still stand by what i said keep your heart open so that someone new can come along you never know who it could be :)

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