Is it a good idea to wait or should I just go ahead and ask her out?

I like this girl and I think she likes me too. She works most of the time and goes to college as well and the only time I see her is when I go to her store. Our exams are going on currently and I was planning to wait for 6 days to get done with them and then go and ask her out. But I don't want to wait either and just go and ask her out in advance by showing at her work. Will that be a good idea? Or I can also text her an see what she thinks? Girls help me out and let me know your opinion.


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  • ask her out ! :) goodluck !

    • Sure but after exams or just right now via text or in person? lol Thanks for the support though :)

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    • nice :) let me know how it goes, im curious :)

    • So, i didn't got a chance to ask her out in person so I sent her a text today and saying that I like her and would like to take her out for a movie and she replied "I am seeing someone...".
      So yeah, she's taken lol

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  • Doing it at work when she's working is a bad idea, puts her on the spot really badly.

    Maybe text her "When do you get off work" or something of the sorts and then talk to her? Try talking more when she has some free-time (like a weekend)

    • I would just ask her out, go do something, go on a walk help her study, something.

    • You are right. I should just go to her work tomorrow and ask her what time she be off then If I am available I can drop by when she is off and take her outside and then ask. How does that sound?

    • Like a plan.

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