How to become more desirable to women?

I start university in about 2 and a half months and I am hoping it will be a fresh start with girls. Girls at my high school weren't really into relationships and I didn't have much in common with many of them. Now that I am going to a very good university, hopefully I can meet some more like minded people.

This year was my senior year of high school and it was very important that I did well, so I put on a little weight. But I am starting to get back to doing sport as well as getting back into a diet and exercise routine, so that should be taken care of by the time I start Uni.

What else could I do to become more desirable? What exactly do you find desirable in men? Their intelligence, aloofness? It's hard to get honest answers.

I very much appreciate your answers and especially specificity. Thanks.


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  • You can't manipulate your way into attracting the, trust me girls can smell a manipulator a mile away and you will fail. You need to develop authenticity and integrity of character. These are the most attractive things in a man. Forget everything else, it won't work. And when you approach her don't memorize fucking pickup lines, just compliment her authentically. Suppose she's wearing a lovely dress or you like her hair just tell her that. Girls love talking about themselves so be interested in her, ask her questions about her life, goals, likes etc... Also, genuinely smile so that she feels comfortable. Leave her better than you found her. Be a positive addition to her life. And last but not least, declare your interest and sexuality truthfully. DO NOT try and manipulate your way in life, especially with girls they are very intuitive. This is the #1 attraction killer and proves that you are not the right male. Also, giver her space and don't be desperate. There are millions of girls out there don't be a fool.

    Set your boundaries and make them clear. Do not tolerate shit. Good luck!

    • I almost forgot. Treat her like a person and not an object as a means to an end. She has thoughts, feelings, emotions, family etc don't forget that!!

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  • Make sure you're looking the best you possibly can be. Cut the fat, put on muscle. Get a cool hairtstyle if you don't already have one, all that. Make sure you smell nice. Wear good fitting clothes and nice shoes.

    For personality, be confident and friendly. Talk to as many people in uni as possible it will give you a high social value. Be a smart and interesting conversationalist. Be humorous and generally a fun person to be around. Also listen deeply to people when they talk.

    You should also appear to be someone who's driven and knows where you're going in life. Have passions and some added talents can help too.

    That's pretty much the things I aim for, I don't do it for women though I do it to become the person I want to be. Women are just a bonus. Lol.

  • What's one thing everyone at college has in common? They are all students taking classes. Be the guy that everyone wants in a study group. Or be the guy who organizes them. Sure, that might not be hot like going to the gym. But it's sure an easy way to meet people and get together with them outside of class. Talking about classes is an instant ice breaker because it's something that every single person there has in common. Soooo easy that even the shiest guy or girl can do it.

  • Their Presence, Power and Charisma.