Do you find yourself more attracted or drawn towards unavailable people?

Like, married or in a relationship. In addition to unavailable, also include freshly broken up people.

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  • I personally do not however i do find that my myself and my friends get a lot more attention from girls when we have girlfriends and opposed to when we don't.

    • Yeah, that's what sparked the question for me. Actually, I was watching Supernatural, and it was mentioned in there. xD

    • Hahaha, not really sure what it is but me and my friends talk about it a lot

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  • Definitely not. If I know someone is taken or married, you shouldn't even be steering clear that way. Nothing good can come of it when someone would try to be in a relationship with someone who already is and it's just messed up if you do. It's not like I don't find myself looking a good looking guy whose married attractive but I know to back away and keep my distance.

    Now for someone who is out of relationship and single, depends. If they are ready to move on from there previous relationship and start anew, sure. So probably I go for single people because I'm single myself. :)

    • I didn't ask if you'd go for it. I asked if you were more drawn towards people who were taken.

  • Hm, sometimes, I think. I wouldn't ever act on it though, i'm not a homewrecker.

  • I like married men cause I think they like to spice up their life looking for what their wives don't want to give or do to them in a kinkier way I'll do it for them and I treat them really sweet and pretend to care about them... when in reality IDGAF... I've dated many married guys and they always treated me so nice just like old guys too (55 - 72) for me it always works cause their self stem is really low so I get away with whatever I want ;)

  • No not at all.. If they are married or in a relationship it means "don't even go there" I have to respect what other people have.. so I'm likely going to look for someone who is single..


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