Girls, when you reject a guy because he is whiny/bad attitude, isn't that picky of you?

Almost every guy whines, it's a fact of life.

You would think that people who join the military are all clean cut and disciplined. But no, about 80% of them lied about an issue like ADHD, drug use, asthma, other stuff.

So most guys have major flaws and if you reject a guy because he's weak, then guess what, there are only so many strong guys to go around.


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  • One thing is being whiny and another to have a bad attitude. To me a bad attitude is in general towards life, a person with negative thoughts and lots of fears. Sometimes we are dragged towards that people because we think that we can fix them but at te end we end up hurt. If a guy is whiny or insecure we can help them to have a stronger self confidence. But sometimes after we help them they quit on us, thinking that now that they feel more secure that they can have someone better.

    We like to take care of our man and we like if they need us to feel secure and safe, but don't be extreme about it. Some girls are picky but most girls just want someone to care about them and love them, if that's something that we can have the rest of it is just secondary


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  • Whiny attitude is bad. You feel depressed once in a while or are going through a depressing time period due to break ups or college stress then it's totally understandable, but whining about smallest life issues. It's irritating.

  • Whininess isn't unattractive because it shows weakness... It's unattractive because it shows a person who isn't willing to take on the work to improve things. Whiny people give away so much of their power to make things better. Also, emotional manipulation is impossible to sustain a relationship. Instead of whining, a person needs to do all they can to fix what's in their power to fix.


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  • No. That's immature of the guy, not the girl.

  • Stop fucking whining.

    • I'm not intimidated by the word "stop". I can whine as much as I want. Soon girls are gonna give in. You're just a coward with an anonymous answer.

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    • I'm still whining.

    • And winning. ;-)

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