Why can he not stop doing this when I told him it pisses me off?

I am getting sooo annoyed with my bf getting "hard ons" over his sister in law. He is 24 and gets them easily. He denies it but I can tell by how he acts. Seriously why is he like this? I have told him it pisses me off and to change it. He also gets them over MY sisters. I think it is fucking weird and it's starting to ruin our relationship.


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  • Please understand this guys can't control their erections it happens randomly from either a bad thought or just an ocean breeze get over yourself and used to it. It's already bad enough having to hide them in public but now I have to consider your feeling about something I can't control... are you that insecure... It's like me telling you I hate when your nipples get hard when you're outside in the cold I know you're thinking about my brother... Does that make sense to you?

    • Yes I am insecure. But he must find them attractive. If your bf or gf wanted u to change something u think they wpuld if they loved u enough. I know it has a mind of their own but seriously there is ways you can fix it by not being attracted to them. It's not like people get boners over ugly chick's that often.

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    • Thanks for commenting. I just think it's weird and gross to get them over his own sister in law and my sisters, plus other girls sometimes.

    • Your sister comes from the same genetic background and therefore looks similar to you lol don't you think this is a sign that he likes your look. If you want him to think more of you spice it up a bit send him some pictures, start talking dirty, sexting etc.. anything that can make him consistently think of you. Would you be okay with that?

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  • You are asking him to control a biological function that is sometimes unconscious? Damn.

  • Just like you getting wet, it is a function that men cannot control. As ED (erectile dysfunction) is quite prevalent for males later in life, you may wish as an older woman that your man was ready to go whenever.

    The real question is... does he always get hard around you?

    • Sometimes. Depends on what we are doing or whay mood he is in

  • Two things:

    1) Men can't control their boner so telling him to "change it" is fucking laughable.

    2) He is either not getting enough/good enough play for you and lusting over them... OR... he wants them more than you.

    That said... it is YOU who needs to change something if you want to keep this guy because he sure as hell is interested elsewhere.


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