Why do I love him but I hate him and I wanna be with him but I dont?

My bf and I have been dating for a little over a year. I moved in with him shortly after dating. When we first started dating everything was good. We would fight more then we should and we still do. Our relationship is not as healthy as it should be. He pisses me off and sometimes I'm not even attracted to him because of that. The sex has decreased and he's not as loving since around our 1 year anniversary. Our relationship is weird I love him but yet I hate him. I wanna be with him but then I dont. He can be a jerk but it just runs in his family cuz his dad and brother are the same. I'm just confused on why I feel like this about him. Its not like we are married or have s kid together. But when i told him this and asked why we were eveb still together He says because we love eachother so much.


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  • "He can be a jerk" - Another example of why girls get attracted to jerks while friendzoning the good guys.

    Anyway, it looks like the relationship has become stagnant. Its high time both of you had a frank talk and decide the way forward.


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  • Waw!.. dis is serious maybe u should try n look as sexy as you can, go out dre lonely placea and have fun wit him... and give him space and snup him wen he tries to bring up a fight...

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