Is hiring prostitutes risk-free?

It's a big myth that relationships give you "free sex". If you get rejected to dumped, you pay with your heart and that hurts terribly. Especially for a sensitive Autistic like me.

I was rejected by a girl a week before the finals week in Spring and failed all of my tests because I tried, but couldn't get over it. So hookers are obviously a better choice for Autistic males since relationships are a reach for them.

Food for thought:

Also, people have a higher chance of getting HIV from a one- night stand.


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  • Well, you could get a high end escort if you want to be sure there's no STDs, because they're required to regularly get tested and always use condoms, unlike the lower end ones... maybe you'll like this link:

    • Fail, there is no such thing as safe sex. The previous customer could have infected her, so it didn't show on any tests taken. High end or not, the is always a risk of STD.

    • @molan *shrugs* Then there'd only be as much risk as having sex with a regular chick then.

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  • You got a reallllyyyy high chance of getting an STD from a prostitute, and also no they aren't risk free, you can both be put in jail, cause prostitutes on the street are like illegal or something like that.

    • Prostitution is not illegal in every country, it's legal in my country for instance.

    • Right.

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  • Save up your money for a high end escort and do background checks on her. Never use street prostitutes.

  • prostitutes are better dude.

    i had the best of experiences with them. with non-prostitute girls i have no experience at all

  • "It's a big myth that relationships give you "free sex"."

    Ah no rite, you gots ta buy dem bitches dinner and shiz.

  • Is hiring prostitutes risk-free, answer no.

    Even sex with condom have a certain risk of STD, however the risk is very small but if it's worth it or not it up to you.

  • It's not risk free, and might be illegal where you are, but it could be worth looking into.

    It's legal in my country and I have seen them on several occasions as my social skills aren't great - I don't regret it anyway, and they high end ones have regular health checks and are hygienic, so the risk is definitely limited.

    • Had you been seeing the girl for long if it affected you that badly?

  • Why... just why...

    Why can't people such as yourself have absolutely no sexual or romantic desires... what a God send that would be...

    • It's part of Autism. Just read the symptoms and stop being ignorant.

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    • It's eugenics, which was supported by the Nazi's, but you're right supporting eugenics doesn't make you a Nazi.

      "Why can't people such as yourself have absolutely no sexual or romantic desires... what a God send that would be..."

      Why not just say it would be better if autism didn't exist?

    • @Bysshe Honestly? Because I thought he would take that as me bashing him. I worded it the way I worded it due to it centering on sexual or romantic potentials instead of focusing on the condition.