What does "do you like me" mean to a man when you're in a casual relationship?

I'm trying to gauge some feelings from him and it's racking my brain. If all you want is to have sex then why go out of your way to ask if I like you? When I say "out of your way" I mean whispering in my ear during sex and "do you like me?"

And yes, I realize that I need to ask him about this. I'm trying to figure out my approach.


Also, when we done, I asked him "do you like me, like really like me because sometimes if feels like you don't". He got so offended and says "of course I do! Why would you say that?"


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  • The question has no hidden value. Yes or no is sufficient. The reasoning is plain: You're a sexual partner.

  • i think its normal to like your friend with benefits, i mean you like your regular friends dont you?

    • Yeah, but I'm not whispering it in their ear.

    • but you are not having sex with them either, but sure i can understand it might seem like he wants more depending on how you look at it.

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