What are some of the reasons why some guys play mind games?

I know women do this too, but that's not what I'm asking. I am specifically focusing on men. I'm not a women who does things like this so I can't compare the sexes on intention.

So why do guys okay mine games? The only logical reason I can think of is power play or an insecure male.

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Sometimes it's not even about being insecure, most guys do it when they're unsure of their feelings toward a girl so they mess around hopping she would get pissed off and leave on her own accord- thus making the decision for him. So it's more a case of being immature than insecure. It is then up to the female to know her self worth enough to chase a guy like this or leave him. Easier said than done once an emotional attachment has been made, sleeping with a guy who lead you to believe he liked u


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  • i'd say it's immaturity

    • So essentially the same reason as women do

    • Well, I'm a women and I don't play mind games. But from some women I know who do, it's emotional immaturity, insecurity and trying to get a reaction out of that guy to feel secure so a bit of everything 😊

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  • I'm not sure why some guys play games. I think some not all of both genders play mind games.

    I think for guys it's an insecurity thing & they need to play mind games to feel more secure with a variety of things whether themself, or the relationship, etc.

  • In most cases, I think it is because that is how their past relationahips have trained them. Maybe they have been involved with girls that does that. Maybe their circle of friends arw like that.

    It is not a bad idea to consider that perhaps the problem is that the woman smothered them, they cannot break up otherwise or the woman prefer to argue and rationalize everything rather than look for solutions when problems happen.

    We cannot dismiss the facts that this is mostly done by women and I guess some men became trained to do so. Other reasons would be they are just unable to take decent control in a relationship the right way.

    Different situation warrants different answer. Although every decision in a relationship is based on the relationship dynamics. So whatever a man decides and do he has considered it the best way at the moment. The best way for both parties in the relationship.

  • Lol dont u get it :p
    Its because of hmmm... Sex :D

  • Some guys play mind games, most don't. Those that do may not all do it for the same reason. Impossible question to answer.

    • Hence why I wanted answers based on theory and not definitive responses. Most things are based on theory that people ask here. Also, most people comment on things in which the have some knowledge or some experience of so your response was pointless but thanks anyway

    • It can be for so many reasons, insecurity, controlling, malicious, they don't know any better and think it is normal. They might have been advised to 'treat them mean, keep them keen'.

      Sex could also be the motivation. If a guy wants a girl for sex but isn't serious about her, he could play mind games to keep her close but not too close. He will try to make her feel special to get what he wants and then push her away because he doesn't want a relationship. He could be a player.

      He makes the girl feel like she is the one, but what he really means is 'you are the one TONIGHT'.

    • Lol this explanation is closer to the truth than you think. I know it's difficult to say exactly what it is because people are different etc but I think this is closer to any explanation to build on. The player thing you mentioned sounds familiar to me, this could also be because they are afraid of getting hurt or have been hurt before and everything combined which turns into head games, to the extent that the person doing is doesn't even know the reasons behind the things they do.

  • When I say it is actually a compliment even if the phrase is commonly sarcastic or condescending.

    • What is a compliment?

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    • Haha I was rather confused, I thought you were nuts

    • Oh, I am anyway. ;-)

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  • Cause they are all alike, a bunch of jerks!

    • LOL... You are probably right.

      This view is easily distorted though. One nice guy might keep one girl happy, but one bad guy can piss off a lot of girls.

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