We did meet sunday? What should I do now?

First of all, its been a while we talk on the phone (we have exchanged each other number). Its been 2 weeks (i agree is not a lot). We meet on Tinder at first (i know everybody said hook ups, but its not).

We did meet in real life Sunday, but now i'm wondering what to do? We continue to chat all day long also we said good morning (by text) everyday at each other. The conversation is flirty but we talk of daily life thing too. Help me, please!! And Guys !! What do you think he is thinking?


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  • You need to consult a psychic if you want an answer to that question, because you have literally given us Nothing to work with. You met online, you met in person recently, you are flirting, that is all normal. So stop panicking, stop trying to figure out what he is thinking and just keep talking to him. (i probably know what he is thinking... but thats not for me to tell you)
    Keep talking to him. If he has anything to tell you, im sure he will do just that.


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