Boyfriend acting weird?

He's always been an alpha life of the party type of guy. he's going through police academy right now and he's acting more emotional as we get deeper into the relationship. He accused. me. of playing headgames. Because I told him about a couple of other guys hitting on me. he's complaining that we can't see each other enough etc . Seems like he has lost some self confidence. Said he's not really sleeping and working really hard.


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  • You need to understand that school of higher learning takes a toll on you emotionally and physically. I also used to be carefree when I was younger but when I got into college, sleepless nights of studying, worrying about my grade, planning my future really hurt my social life... before judging him you need to understand what he is going through.

    • Well I'm not judging him but I sup pose your right. This is the police academy so I understand that's tough on people. He was in the military though so I'm sure he's used to it.

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    • I'm wondering if this miltary environment just gets tk him a lot more than I thought I know he's doing really well but I'm just wondering about the confidence it seems he's losing in our relationship.

    • Maybe he isn't as confident as you thought. Real confidence is constant... but you cans also fake confidence... maybe he is insecure and it's coming out now that he is getting comfortable with yoy

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