I dont understand what it means?

there's this guy and i have a crush on him and when he found out we stopped talking cause it was awkward he told my friend he didn't like me. But he stares at me and when i look he looks away. He talks about me to his friends and my friends, he turns round quickly and looks in our English lessons and then looks away when i see him. In pe he kept getting closer to me even though no one was pushing him. His mates keep saying things about us like when are you getting together and sit with your girlfriend and he doesn't say anything he just smiles. But at the same time he has been talking to girl but never pays her attention or talks to her he just stares at me. His mates have told me be likes me. He also decides to go places when he knows im going, he's a popular guy he's not shy and he talls to a lot of other girls even my friends but doesn't talk to me. someone help me i dont know what to think about it.


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  • jus stop following him and staring at him and while infront of him talk to other guyz... i must say he wil come to you and will till u he likes u

    • I dont follow him were in same school and same lessons. And i catch him staring my friends have caught him staring aswell.

    • ooooo why dont u and tell him on his face that u like him and if he is not intrusted in u say it on my face may b this idea work coz the symptoms which ur saying that mean the he likes u but can't tell u

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  • Many of today's toms are sporadic, unpredictable and grow cold duck feet whenever feeling cornered or scared, popdiva, for even hearing the Big "C" Squawking and Talking in their ear, dear, will give them chills and cause them to waddle back into the murky waters from which they came from... this bird is no exception to my golden goose rule.
    However, he is still hanging in there, has not Totally flown south for the winter. He is feeling comfy now, knowing he can relax and feel comfy in his own empty nest because-----He told my friend he didn't like me. This doesn't Stop him from Continuing his eye contact and flapping his jaws in his own circle because he knows you both are not hooked at the hip, are not two birds of a feather and he is safe to do a she pleases, even if it Is to talk or not to other girls... he has no strings attached and no leash on his end.
    If he isn't opening up to you, then he is doing things on his own terms now, which you can not count your chickens until they may or may no that hatched. He is Not into getting into a Real Relationship with you, the one who he let Get away, but Inside, something is still pulling at his heart strings if it were to be a girl like you----You would be the kind to bring home to Mother hen... just not now.
    Who is to say if he will come around or not. And if he should, give him a dose of your own Chic Chick ingenuity... be the two legged creature hardest to catch and give him a chase.
    Good luck. xx
    Good luck. xx

    • This made no sense

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    • Arrgghh he's really confusing me but he was talking to another lass. And his best mate told my mate that he broke it off with the other lass and she wanted to get back with him but he said no because of me.

    • He sounds like a fickle pickle, true, he Is confusing when he is like this... he doesn't want to Commit himself, wants to play the field, yet he has you in his life to a Point.. However, he is scared to probably carry this on even more because he knows you like him and he knows it can get even More confusing...

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