I want to ask her out but she won't respond?

Ok sk there is this girl that i used to be best friends with. Then friemds now we talk and everything but not much. Then the other day i decided to see if she wanted to come over and watch a movie. So i started with hey whats up" she saw it right away but hasn't responded then last night i messaged her again and again she saw right away and still won't respond. How do i start a conversation so i can ask her out? Thanks in advance.


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  • She's probably not interested... Maybe try asking in person so she has to respond lol

    • I dont see her verry often. We dont go to school together so its not like we see eachother every day

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  • If you both Used to be besties, ddog16, and now 'Not much,' with you Asking her again and again, it's Obvious to me that she is Now putting you on her pay no mind list and it looks like you will either have to watch this flick alone or find someone who is more deserving of your gentlemanly gracious Invite... this One is on her own Intermission...
    Don't bother with her again. She could care less and by her putting you on her back burner here, dear, her answer doesn't have to be etched in stone that she is done cooking Anything with you...
    Good luck. xx


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