Bros do I sound like I'm being needy?

So me and this girl known each other two years. Recently made it exclusive again even rbough we are long distance and can barley see each other. She told me she loved. me accidently through text. I told her I loved her. And she responded kind of weird but she said it to. This girl used to be obsessed with me so I figured it was her being shy. We talked for a couple hours through text. She said her count was 30 guys she had slept with. I called bushit and I t her that's gross and slut shamed her. Im pretty sure she cried herself to sleep. But j was pissed because j think she was just trying to get a reaction out of me.

I apologized the next day through text and met her after work tk apologize in person. I told her I trust her i just thought she was playing head games with me. She got really defensive and said she wasn't. I sort of believed her and I just let it go. I asked her about what was said about her loving me and me saying it. She got shy and said no I'm not good at this don't want tk talk about it.

I keep comppainting that Im not getting enough sex and it has me on edge all the time. So when she was leaving i kept trying to. make out with her was already hard lol.

I text her first a lot it seems like I keep to every couple days and we have long conversations she will keep em going which is a good sign. Asked to hang out one day said she's sick and was home all day but planned to hang out the next day. A couple weeks before this she was telling me I blow her off somtimes. I react cool about it all the time.


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  • You do sound needy, obsessive, insecure, and one who has no finesse at how to approach a sensitive subject with a woman. Worst move ever to shame her for her sexual history, I'm surprised she didn't cut contact with you then and there (showes she has low self esteem herself). childish games have no place in an adult relationship if you want it to be successful.

  • Lol aware.

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