Guys from other Countries, how do you feel about American Women (All races, White, Black, Spanish, Indian, ect)?

Im just wondering how guyd from other Countries feel about us American Women.
I've seen on another site how some guys don't like American Women.
One guy from Turkey, I think he said that where he's from they only date but never marry and or have kids.

This guy in my college class moved here for school from Europe and im interested. I like him, he's very sweet, smart, and handsome. He dont know a lot of English but enough to were we understand each other, I love his accent, his style and he has a goid sense of humor... im just crushing. I dont know if he is into African American Women but he seems friendly, we talk everytime we're in class and he actually ask me if I wanted to grab lunch but not so sure if he's really interested.

What do you guys think about Us American women White, Black, Spanish, Indian etc.


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  • I'm from Spain, and I move to the US one year ago, and in my opinion, American women are the best I've ever encountered (I know I'm gonna get hate on this, but it's my opinion, and I don't give a shit).
    They're beautiful, open-minded, love to have a good time (kinda crazy sometimes xD), and they're dedicated, they speak their thoughts. I intend to marry an American woman when I get older.
    This is just my opinion on what I've seen so far, the women I've talked to and all that, but obviously not all are the same.

    I haven't travel to many countries, but I've been to England, Italy, Austria, and of course Spain and the US, and the best women I've seen are here, in America.

    • Oh, I forgot to add that I love their accent; it's so sexy :P

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    • Woah, it makes me happy that people from other countries like our accent!! I thought only like British or Australian people had cool accents.

    • @purplepandas90 I went to a British school, so I grew up listening to the British accent, so for me, it's nothing new. But the American accent I barely heard it (just in music, but it's not the same) until I started watching movies and TV-shows in English , and since most of them are American-English, I really liked the accent, and like I said, I think it's a really sexy accent. But I know there are many different accents in the US, I just can distinguish between Southern, Boston, and the rest xD I like all three.

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  • I've met some and they were sweet. I also like their accents.

  • Some are nice, some are nasty, no different from any other nationality of women.

  • like it baby


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