He never asks about me, does that mean he doesn't like me?

I really don't know what he wants, we hook up and he says he likes me.

But the thing is, he never asks about me. He only talks about himself. For example when we are texting he never asks how I'm doing, or what I'm up to. He texts me first but only talks about himself and then we just go off that conversation. But its never really about me cause he never asks.. I don't know its odd :/

Does this mean he's not that into me?


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  • Sounds like he's really selfish & only cares about himself. I can't deal with dating guys like that. Sweet, romantic & caring, but still manly is what I like.

    • He's pretty sweet in general, like he'll hold my hand in front of his friends and offer to let me borrow his things. But I don't know, this guy really confuses me.

    • Oh then that is weird. Maybe don't ask how he is next time you talk? Haha I don't know how else to make him aware of it besides just telling him. He could just be caught up with what's going on with him right now if he feels really overwhelmed.