Was I wrong to not tell her I wasn't really into her?

So met this girl online, pictures look great, dark hair, blue eyes, and a rack that could feed twelve starving children. I'm thinking finally my ship has come in, I meet her at the mall, and passed her up a few times, because I was looking for the cover model girl from Vanity fair, not chubby bunny, leaky eye. We sat down, talked, but her eyes kept leaking, like she was crying, then she made this grunt sound off and on, she had no ass, but did have the rack... apart from that, she put me on the spot, she asked me how many dates did I have this week, and did I like her, she forced three kisses on me, I took it for the team, and she didn't want to let go of me. She then told me a lot of guys dont little her, and she was glad to finally meet a nice gentleman. This girl, was a exceedingly sweet girl, I didn't want to hurt her feelings so I just quietly disappeared over time by stop answering her calls , text, and etc. Question was I the gutless duche bag of the year for not telling her up front? Or was the method (hey get the hint better to digest)?

  • Tell the person strait up your not interested
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  • Ignore them all together
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  • Ignore them over time hoping they'll get the message
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  • If she has not contacted you anymore, just leave it as is. If she's still reaching out, she obviously didn't get the hint and just be upfront. Hard truth is always better than a sugar coated lie! You'll be appreciated for it


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  • I feel none of these options work in your case lol. Either way it just sounds like you wanted her for her body so no option sounded good.

    • No, attraction is key for everyone, because that's what you see first, and as a girl, I bet that's what you consider first, but if a dude pressure you, and u dont want to crush, him because u feel crappy, you might just do as I did...

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    • No I didn't think so, sorry if I gave u that impression, anyways, judge me, I asked the question to be judged, right wrong or in different

    • Well in this case it might have been a better choice to tell her straight up but I would have probably done what you did.

  • I really don't think it matters anymore. It's all been done.

    • But it I nice to know public opinion, by the way thanks for yours😉

  • you done the right thing

    • Ah thanxs, I'd like to be honest, but dang, how can u crush somebody, I rather just get the hint, instead of hey, your nice but, I'm not attracted to trolls

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  • I would pick letter A

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