So confused, what do I do?

So I have been talking / flirting with this girl for awhile and we go through phases where we talk less then others. Taking it slow hasn't bothered me and I wouldn't reject it if someone else came along but im not going out looking very hard. I have come to expect this is just who she is so it does not bother me. Anyway awhile back we had an unusually long gap and I asked her flat out how she felt and basically told her that if she didn't feel the same I needed to step back and unfriend her on Facebook for a bit to move on better.

She replied saying all these nice things and that she felt bad for not talking but just that she had been busy and apologizing and reassuring me that it was not my fault. Anyway things were basically back to normal until a few weeks ago and than bam nothing. This is by far the biggest gap we have had not speaking. Nothing weird happened we were talking fine one day and then not the next. It is the end of the semester and its Christmas with a retail job so I know she is busy, plus friends and family but still not even a text is making me worry a little.

She also told me the last time that this is just how she gets at times and how I shouldn't take it personal. It just feels different this time in the yearish we have been talking its never been weeks. I guess I just get worried because its so many unknowns and my only choice really is to deal with it.


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  • You have to forget about her! This can drag on for a long time. Trust me i know. Move on and find something else more important for now until you find another crush.

    • the sad part is thats really hard to do. First because I have very little desire to date after the last few years so looking is just not going happen. So taking it slow with her has been fine it is just these weird no talking or response periods. Plus I have gotten a little attached some how which is really driving me nuts because I didn't think I was. The first time we stopped talking I was just frustrated but it didn't feel like an "aww I miss you and care" it was just mad, this time I think I genuinely care. The last thing is we really are scary alike, we have more in common then anyone I have met. Which means I also go through these phases so I try to understand this time its just hitting home. Stupid feelings :P

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