Best friend wondering about what to ask and how to act on her "outing" Friday with a guy she's into?

He's 22 and this will be her first time hanging out with him alone, she's really shy and would like some tips on how to make it not seem awkward


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  • First we need to know the plans of the outing. If its dinner that opens up a lot of opportunities for conversation you know about foods. I don't recommend a movie because there's not much opportunity to talk. I recommend a fun activity like mini golf, arcade, go karts etc. The zoo is one of the best date activities there is

    • It's just going a walk around town together but she's not sure what to ask or how to really act since she's never gone out with a guy and she's only ever been alone with one guy before and he was a complete prick, and I know this guy and I like him for her but I am not sure how to help with her with to talk about

    • Yeah there's not a whole lot one can say to help in that situation

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