Does this guy wanna be with me?

Ok so I've known this guy Brandon for 2 years now he is 15 and I am 13 I really like him and he shows interest in me but last time we talked he got with this girl kaith and I just started talking to him again and he's single now but he says he wants to meet before we can date and my mom rarely ever let's me go anywhere with a guy and recently I've thought about having sex with him and he thinks I should and so do my friends what do I do?

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  • He only wants me for sex
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  • he is just being a little weird. your young, give it some time and you should be good.


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  • If sex ever comes up its a no go! Trust me. Years of experience with this type of thing.

    • Ok but I'm really curious about sex I've heard about it but I wanna know for my self

    • I was too at that age. If you truly want to find out I'd suggest find someone who would appreciate it instead of a guy who wants you just for that. Sex is great! But it's greater with someone special!

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