Why is my girlfriend like this?

So my girlfriend to start off is a feminist and she says we are not equal but one is not better than the other she says. But I don't know if she really means it because at times she feels entitled to me giving her stuff and helping her out most of the time because im her boyfriend but when I say the same thing she says no. Now im no pushover and I want to address this to her face but I dont know how to address it without getting extremely frustrated. Im wondering if this has something to do with what feminists think of men as just "sex dogs" and nothing else and I for one am pissed, plus sometimes she is a bit cold to me now, before she used to want to be with me all the time but now its just like eh, I dont want to lose this girl but if she keeps this up im just gonna do it. So what do u think I should do or why do u think she is like this?


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  • Feminist don't deserve men. They have a twisted double standard view of the world where if it is good for them, it is ok. But if it isn't what they want or like, it is bad and you are bad for wanting it or liking it. I don't think you should waste your time, you can do better and there is no way you come out of this a winner either way.

    • Honestly Im scared of breaking up with her becuz I can't do better.. not to say I got with her because I was "desperate" but I thought she was nice and cuteidk what happened I really wanted to stay with this girl for a long time she is busy most of thw time with schoolwork and she's in honors I am too but im not as intellectual as her, and she just started acting this way today for no apparent reason, she really likes me too but I don't know what happened today, what I want to know is what do I say when she acts like this

    • Has she taken up a social justice class or met new friends who may be indoctrinating her into the hate cult?

      Using feminist and intellectual in the same sentence is a bit of an oxymoron since most of them can't see though the lies and false statistics and make logical sound decisions.

      I know it may be easier said then done but you can find better and choosing to stay with someone who will eventually emasculate you because there may be times she offers you sex, is not really a hard thing to beat. You could easily find a girl who would see you as a partner and not someone she secretly despises until she needs you.

    • Thank you for ur opinion I addressed this to her and she understands and is acting better anyways thank you!

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  • Aww cute. She's a budding feminazi. Putting the rest of us feminists to shame.

    She's not being logical. Men and women are equal intellectually but we're different biologically. That doesn't mean one deserves more in the world than the other. Feminism is about equality and if she doesn't get that then tell her to get off her high horse pretentious ass and gtfo lol


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  • Don't stand for that man, tell her unless you get the respect you have given her then you won't give her stuff/help out until she does. Explain to her that it's a two way street when it comes to relationships. If she continues to treat you this way then yea I'd say leave her but on the plus side coming away from a relationship where you're not treated with dignity it will be a lot easier to recognize women who will :) Rule of thumb: If they treat you badly and refuse to stop then you can do better, end of story :)

  • Your first problem is that your dating a femi-nazi.

    I have had women bitch at me for opening doors for them, I promptly shut the door on her face and she walked right into it. She then bitched at me for not holding the door open for her.

    Fuck em. Dump her, let her think that your "just another self-important male" and move on to someone who can make sense when they speak of courtesy.

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