Relationship problems. Need help on How to calm down?

So I'm talking to my girlfriend, who has been very secretive the three weeks we've been dating. Not like she's cheating on my, but there's a lot she doesn't tell me. And tonight she has really been worrying me. Long story short, I was talking to her brother, and he told me "She just said I'm so done with him" and I'm freaking the f*ck out right now. Like I'm having a panic attack to the point where that alcohol or bottle of pills are both very tempting. I need something/someone to help. Don't answer this with a "cheer up lad" or a "don't do it." I need like some website that has advice to this. Can anyone help?


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  • Hi! First, you have been with this girl for only 3 weeks. Second, do not get over worked up about someone. No one is worth that. Your super young. This isn't your first worry or stress in a relationship and it won't be your last. The wise choice to make would be to do some deep breathing and to do something to keep this off of your mind until you speak with her in person. For example, read, listen to music, watch a movie, work out, or hang out with a couple friends. No need to panic over something you have no control over. Find out what is bothering her. The worst that will come out of this is that you both will break up, you'll be upset for a week or two, then you will move on to another lucky lady:)


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