How would I date a Korean girl? (I have no idea how to meet them and I have no connections with them)

help me out, I love the culture but how do I get to them thanks!


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  • From my experience korean girls are pretty snobby, though that's usually the Americanized ones. Whatever you do don't settle for an American born asian girl since they'll be the same as white girls, or black girls in some instances. Just go to a bubble tea place or a festival, approach one and see where it goes. Youd be surprised, most asian girls are into guys of other races, especially white guys.

    PS: if you're black, no offense, many won't date you not just out of personal feelings but also seeing how the family would take that. Bringing home a white boyfriend is one thing, bringing over a black guy is what will get her disowned.

    • Thanks a bunch man, it helped, ill explain to you also that I like korean girls because theyre my type and not because of the CULTURE, yeah pretty much american girls are snobbish even though they are in a different race, and with the black thing, its pretty sad for their race having that image, I'm chinese but I look filipino, effin weird, thanks again!

    • It may be sad but if you look at the hardships that both of the races went through in the early years of this country, then look at where they are today, you'll see why Asian people or people in general have a certain poor view of black Americans.

      Anyway hope everything works out for you.

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  • date a girl for her personality not her culture

    • Uhmmm I'm just stating I love the culture, I'm just adding details, and mainly I'm asking about korean girls, personality wise of course that would definitely a major factor

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  • Hey man,

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