Why do guys ignore women?

I want to know why nowadays that men whom are interested in you ignore you after a certain time you start dating. They were told bluntly that communication is a must in the beginning.

So what is all the reasons, please be open and blunt


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  • Its called having a life. Contrary to popular belief, when we start talking to a woman, our world doesn't automatically start revolving around her. There are many reasons why a guy can ignore a woman after he showed some interest. It can range anywhere from him having other things/people to do, things weren't moving fast enough, and if you were dating... the honeymoon phase is over lol.


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  • Lots of Men multi-date and if they feel a better connection or more attraction with another girl they'll focus on that particular girl and keep the others on the back burner.

  • Like totally ignore? For a couple of days?
    I "ignore" girls, too.
    But only a day or two, to see if I can still go on without them.
    But I don't really ignore them though, I just don't text them first.

    • More than a week ignore. Supposely there are tons of reasons but when nothing went wrong except one works two jobs and theother works overnights.

    • In that case, I'd sleep and not ignore the person.
      But hey, I'm still quite young and don't have that much of experience.

    • I just dont understand, i would sleep too. But if u can get online u can text that person sayin how r u or im ok or i miss u sorry for working too much. Ugh, i hate dating

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