If a guy ask do I love him, does that mean he loved me?

He's asked me this 3 times on different occasions since I've met him and it seems like he does it when we're being intimate. Why does he keep asking me this?

I'm sorry I meant to say does that mean he LOVES me?


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  • Yes. I can't see any other reason for him doing this. He doesn't want to announce his strong feelings for you, and not hear the same from you.

    • And for the most part he seems distant & uninterested, so it's confusing.

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    • I guess so...

    • trust me... there's no other reason a guy would ask this question!

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  • why would he ask then to tell you :well i dont love you? Lol

    • Well when he asked I said yes, and asked him did he love me he said of course. Then the next day he's acting like he's too busy to talk. He's confusing.

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  • Yes, I would say that he at least likes you. It takes courage for a person to ask this kind of question, don't you think so?

    • I just wanted to make sure it wasn't just because we we're in the heat of the moment. Sometimes people say things like that during those times when they really don't mean it. But thank you!

    • :) Everyone is different. I would only ask like that if I really love the person and have the courage to ask him, whether in the heat of the moment or not.