Guys, what are some turn ons and offs in a girl?

What are some things that a girl does that are a turn on and makes you want to be in a relationship with her?

And also what are some things that are a turn off and may prevent you from being in a relationship with her?


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  • For one... self expression. Im not a fan of girls that can't open their mouths and talk. say what is on your mind, thats one of the reasons mouths are available.
    Turn off... self doubt. Many women have an annoying habit of second guessing their actions, thinking that everything has some "perfect time" that something should happen. I say if you wana do it, go ahead and do it. however, know what the consequences could be.
    my favorite one is how long to wait before you say "I love you" to a man...
    As a man, i say, keep that to yourself lol. you don't HAVE to say it, if you are dating me, i can at least assume there is something like love in there somewhere.


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  • (Turn Ons)
    - Long hair
    - Pretty face
    - Nice smile
    - Nice body
    - Sweet and caring
    - Smiles at me
    - Likes to cuddle
    - Things in common
    - Outgoing
    - Sense of humour
    - Compliments me
    - Nice fashion style
    - Says "I love you"

    (Turn Offs)
    - Bitchy attitude
    - Slutty
    - Messed up hair
    - Overweight
    - Poor hygiene
    - Bad breath
    - Heavy drinker/smoker/drug user
    - Drama queen
    - Arrogance
    - Clingy
    - Manipulative
    - Too much makeup
    - Gets mad at little things

  • turn on: she is awesome and amazing inside and out.

    turn off: opposite of turn on. but also, drugs, no goal in life, etc.

  • Turn Ons: Physical Health, Assertiveness, Confidence, Passion, Intelligence, Adventurous, Kinky, Nerdiness, a Nice Butt.

    Turn Offs: Shyness, Submissiveness, Typical and Vanilla, Feminism.


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