Using push or pull technique with girls. Need a men and woman's point of view on this?

So I don't get this. I know guys who give too much attention to a girl makes the girl not have to put as much effort as she knows she has him already. But girls love this shit don't they?

Now I was reading about the push or pull technique where alpha males would pull the girl close to them by being sweet, affectionate. Then they push them away by being unpredictable which is what makes girls chase the guy & leaving them wanting more.
I hate playing games so when I like the girl I show her.

Any opinions on this?


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  • Being totally honest here.. it works. And I know us girls are not going to admit it but it's true. Obviously there are exceptions but for the majority, when a guy is too nice: he's clingy, when a guy is too mean: he's a douche. But if you can find the perfect balance: he's perfect. That being said, this technique is only for the chase. Do not carry on with this once you are already in a relationship, or if you want the feelings to be genuine. And never make the girl cry. That's taking this too far, and it guarantee's that if you ever meet her friends and family, they will hate you.

  • I hate when guys play games, it makes me feel like shit and I don't hang around with people who makes me feel bad.

    • Yup I hate games too. However there's a lot of men who do this technique which makes the women want more. I'm the type to cater to someone I like

    • I am the same way, I would do anything for people I love - be that friends, family or what ever. Playing games and manipulating to get what I want is not for me, I think it is mean

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