Wouldn't she just say no if she didn't want the date?

This story is rather embarassing so please don't judge. A guy that I work with wanted me to ask this girl out at work and I wanted to as well but decided against it. Until he told me talked to her about it (without my knowledge) and she said if I asked she totally would. So she even set up a situation where I could ask when it was just us. She couldn't do it this week do to work and our finals but could probably do it the next but she'd have to wait for her schedule. I told her just let me know and she said she would. I haven't heard back and I'm starting to get nefvous that' she doesn't want to go. But then why would she do all of that work?


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  • i dont understand why shed set up a time for you to ask her lout, instead of just doing it herself.

    just ask her out. then you'll see if she's interested or not.

    way too much complication here.

    • I did ask her out and she did say yes. It's just setting up the time that has been a pain. Because she has to wait for her schedule so she can let me know if she's free those days.

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    • It just sucks because I am excited. I think she's a cool girl and I put a lot of work into planning a fun date. I would just hate to go through all that work when she could have said no

    • i get it lol

      I never put a lot of effort into a date I don't know is going too happen. ;)

      walk; movies; museum... something i don't have to think of and won't miss him for, if he isn't interested.

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  • I think she really wants to go she just has to prioritize first and play it safe.

  • You're going to either wait or if possible follow up with her next time you bump into her.

    I know the feeling, I asked this girl out and she said yes and she told me during the December month it should be fine. And guess what month it is? still waiting, even followed up with her.

    Kind of have to make your own judgment here.

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