How to handle the 'what are we' conversation?

if you have been casually seeing this guy for several months now, including sleep overs, hanging out, and sex, how would you approach the situation to define the relationship. Would you suggest for the guy to initiate the conversation, or rather yourself, or not even at all and just wait out and see how things go? Assuming that both people involved admitted to each other already that they feel very comfortable around each other and want to continue seeing each other, and taking into account that at the beginning neither of you was ready for a new committed relationship. After eight months of causal sex and hanging out a next step should be made at some point, right? it's just that because of past experiences for me it is not easy to start this kind of conversation. I would rather prefer him to do it, but slowly i am realizing that i can't wait much longer


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  • How most guys would react to the conversation

  • Since you are the one who feels the need to have the discussion, you should have the conversation. Just let him know that you want to be monogamous.

    • somewhere i know you are right, but me and relationships has always been a very difficult thing, i got disappointed too much in the past. so this for me would be a major step, which honestly i am trying to avoid, waiting for him to do so. but then again i was told that guys dread this conversation, and it would be better not to have it and just to wait it out, kind of, and see what happens

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    • i know you are right. but still, what would be the reason that he hasn't said anything? well, at some point he did, i freaked out, the conversation dropped. i told him i wasn't ready for it yet, and he said the same at that time, which was like two months ago

    • That's why. You act like you didn't want to advance things so he doesn't want to broach the subject since you freaked out

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