I have 3 guy friends and dozens of girl friends. Could this bother my future boyfriend?

Some people have been telling me that when I get a boyfriend in the future, he won't like the fact that 3 of my friends are guys.

My best friends are 5 girls and 1 guy. With my one guy best friend: before we really knew each other, I had originally asked him out, so we went on a date, but then we mutually decided that we'd be better off as friends than girlfriend and boyfriend. We've never held hands, hugged, kissed or made any remotely sexual or romantic physical contact. With my other 2 guy friends, they're guys who both have lots of girl friends, so I'm just another female friend to them and it's always been strictly platonic. I'm not as close to him as I am to my female best friends, but we are pretty close.

Opinions and advice, please.

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PS I forgot to add that my one guy best friend has mostly female friends as well because he finds girls easier to get along with and relate to.


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  • Had to vote "other" because each guy is way different on this and it really depends on your lifestyle with them. If you're at their places "hanging out" at late hours on the weekends and whatnot it'll tick off a boyfriend big time and he'll just think you're cheating. But if you just met them at work and don't really hang out with them much outside of work a guy shouldn't care. I have friends who are girls but I never see them outside of work really but we randomly text. A girl going nuts over that would be ridiculous for me but I can see it happening.

    If you don't hang out with them a lot and only see them at school or whatever if the guy is bothered by it I'd just consider him controlling. If you hang out with them a lot a boyfriend will most likely consider it suspicious.

    • I meant for the poll to show your personal opinion and for the comment to show what you believe other guys would feel.

      I met 2 of the guys at work and I met the one guy best friend at my friends' house, because he shates a house with several women I was already friends with.

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  • If you wanted to date those guy friends, you'd be dating them instead of me. Wouldn't bother me in the slightest

  • depends if you build your relationship on the foundation of trust.

    • I'm sure I would, I have in the past with relationships and friendships. I'm very honest and upfront yet caring.

      Thank you

  • Opposite sex friends aren't a dealbreaker for me - if they are for a prospective love interest, too bad for them. It's unfair for a new lover to make you pick between them and the friends.

  • I don't mind a girl of mine having guy friends, my problem would lie if she was going out with these guys 1-1 with no one else around. It's not really a trust issue for me so much as it is a respect issue.

    Now if the girl was to go out with 3 of these guys and 2 of her friends I wouldn't be at all bothered.

    • Well, sometimes I go out one-on-one (not date) with my 1 of my guy friends to exercise - he's my "exercise buddy" - biking, hiking, swimming, jogging, etc.

      With my guy best friend, sometimes we hang out one-on-one at one of our homes to chat and watch a movie or play chess...

      I hang out with all of them in groups as well.

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    • I cannot answer what will go through his head. He may be fine with it or he may not be fine with it. You'll have to ask him if you further down the line with him.

    • Thank you :)

  • Not at all I love a girl with less guy friends


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  • I've voted other because I'm not a dude LOL But in my opinion, as long as there is trust and honesty, that really shouldn't matter. My group of friends are closer than most families, and there 6 guys to 4 girls. My best friend is an ex BF and my ex husband is one of my best friends. I have a great BF that I know loves me as much as I love him, but my ex husband is still right there whenever I have any kind of emergency. My BF is very busy with work all the time, and he can't always be there for me, so he and I both really appreciate my ex. My ex has his own life and he isn't stuck on me or anything, we're just close. I have a few medical problems that my BF hasn't quite learned how to deal with yet, so my ex decided to step up.

    • That's cool :)
      Thanks for sharing

  • I wouldn't really trust a guy with no girl friends. Means that girls don't really like or trust to be friends with him or he has some vendetta against girls. Not my thing.

    • Ok, thanks, although it doesn't really help to answer my Q

    • Think of it in the opposite way. If a guy didn't want you to have guy friends, it would mean there would be something against you to have guy friends (they didn't like you, a vendetta against guys, or in your case a controlling boyfriend)

    • Ok thanks

      I don't have a boyfriend, but I am considering asking a guy out soon, and I have friends and family warning me that he won't like me having guy friends.