Is she playing hard to get? or does she just not like me?

Ok, so I've been talking to this girl from my school on kik. she's REALLY hot and absolutely gorgeous, only we haven't met in person because i can barely see her threw out the school day. And the weird thing is, im not sure if she likes me or not. When i text her sometimes, she responds with a "HEY!" or HI!" and we get into a really deep conversation. Then i'd think that im creeping her out, and shell be all like "NO, your fine! Your not creeping me out at all".(She also uses a shit load of emojis) But then the next day, ill text her and she doesn't say anything. Does he like me, and she's playing hard to get? or is she not interested at all?


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  • Its honestly hard to say at this point. She could be into you, but she could also just be stringing you along because some girls like it when a lot of guys text them, it gives them an ego boost. The only way to find out for sure is to ask her to hang out on a certain day and she how she responds.

    If she says yes, that's great, but don't get your hopes up to high, girls are notorious for flaking.

    If she says she can't because she is busy, that means no thanks. Even if she was busy, if she really wanted to see you she would make time and offer an alternative day.

    • hmm... good point. thnx

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