How to get this guy?

We're just about 18. He's dated 2 girls, I've never had a boyfriend, been on a date, or even been kissed.
I grew up in a quite conservative house (actually never watched an R rated movie) and I think he likes that I'm innocent. He is the sweetest guy I've ever met but he has a bad side, I know he has drank and smoked before.
We were talking in class the other day and he said "someone needs to corrupt you." he sits near me any chance he can get.

Only problem is that I'm getting too comfortable with him almost and I don't want to accidentally "friendzone" him! Like I said I'm a rookie. How do I flirt with him and get him? There's a local area show going on next week. If I gets brought up, would it be weird for me to be like "you should come with me!" ?

I'm very excited but don't know how to make this work, haha. Thank you. :)


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  • Making the effort to sit next to you says something in itself
    If a guy doesn't know you at a best friend level, the only other reason he would try to sit next to you would be attraction
    To not get friend zoned keep him as a friend, but have an edge to it, so an occasional comment on how he looks and a slightly flirty comment in even a joking way every once in a while
    Ask. Him what he thinks if your new this or hair or whatever to give him opportunities to call out his true feelings
    If ur friends already asking him to come will be seen as a friend offering, or if he likes you he will jump at the chance anyway at the possibility if a date

    Hope this helps! :)

  • Its perfectly OK to ask him out. Its also highly recommend that you tell him how you really feel about him and ask if he feels the same


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