I think she might like me?

This hot chik at work shows me signs she likes me but I can't be for sure. She acts nervous around me a little, but I"m not 100%. She's friends with all the guys at work it seems, and she has a boyfriend. :( But I get these signs. At a meeting last week I could tell she wanted me to sit by her, then she bumped my leg/foot underneath the table with her foot like 5 times though out the day and never was like "oop sorry" we also sat pretty close together. Or then at a group lunch the other day I sat all the way at the end, and she followed me and sat across from me all the way at the other end, and bumped me again under the table. She usually always asks other guys questions, never really me. Today she hinted like she wanted me to show her where someones office was. I asked if she wanted me to walk her down there and she was like "i'm afraid I'll get lost" so I did. Then later she walked by my desk looking for another guy to ask him a question. He always helps her. Then she came to me. I said "oh I see I"m third place" and she says "actually you're second place lol, but I would have stopped by Greg's desk on the way back before I asked you lol. She was like looking away while she was saying it. Then she asked me and she was like tapping her fingers nervously? I don't know what's up?


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  • It doesn't sound like she's into you, but I might be wrong.


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