Why is this guy messaging me if he has a gf?

Okay so I have been talking to this guy for a month (our moms worked together while they were pregnant with us) we skyped a lot and played games together. We would share stories from school (I'm freshman him sophomore) etc, etc. So then he tells me about this girl (freshman I went to grade school with her) was aggervating him to death. She had a crush on him (never met him before) and was trying to get him to go to the movies with him, calling him bæ, and was creeping him out in general. He continued to say that this girl kept trying to get him to set with her at lunch when he didn't want to. So with that a week later his best friends girlfriend told me that he had a crush on me (which I already knew) and then he is dating the girl who he had called creepy and annoying. So I figured he would quit messaging me. But they don't even act like a couple they don't talk in person, they don't sit with each other at lunch, break, etc. They haven't even posted a relationship status on fb. So with that his messages still continue and wants me to play games with him all the time. He asks me to sit with him at break today and everything. Is it just me or is it wrong for him to be doing this stuff while he's dating someone?


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  • My friends did this once. they guy said he got upset that the girl wasn't making a move and so he asked the other girl out to see if she liked him and to make him jealous, it's a classic dumb guy move

    • I did give subtle hints. I guess it's his way of trying to make me jealous lol either way he's still begging me to sit with him at lunch and break lol

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  • All men cheat or try to cheat on their gf at some point in their life. Ignore him. Even if a guy does not cheat while he has a gf he will try to talk to a girl just to see if he can to boost his ego

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