Why would my girlfriend make up a promiscuous past?

I'm four years older does she think j will lIke this because it makes her look more mature or experienced? She told me she's in the 30s on her count at the age 18.. I honestly said wtf out loud. I feel like she's lying saying she dropped 4 guys she was having sex with for me. I've caught her trying to make me jealous before in the past. don't know what to think. That sounds ridiculous.

I used to be a player I guess but never bragged but she knew. She even told me when she was drunk a long time ago that she doesn't really hook up wits that many guysand she just said that.


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  • She could be being honest with you.

    BUT more than likely she's trying to seem more mature and experienced than you because if the age difference. Even though it's only four years girls will do anything to equal to guys. 👌 Just my opinion from experience as I've done that before.

    • I really hope so because I can't get serious wit a girl like that.

    • Yeah hopefully. When I lied it didn't make the guy like me anymore actually he liked me way less.
      Also she could be trying to show you she's not the "getting attached" type

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  • Is it possible that she being honest with you about it? It really wouldn't be that hard for an 18 year old girl to sleep with that many guys if she felt so inclined.

    • Dude that's a lot. Said she was having sex with 4 different guys plus me?

    • It is quite a few, but guys are easy, it wouldn't be that hard for a girl to do that if she wanted to.