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So my first kiss was wen I was 16, a 20 yr old friend of mine taught me how to kiss. We knew that we liked each other when he was teaching me. But I wasn't in love and he wasn't either. He did a lot of things with me (not sexually but just during kissing, you know). But there's no spark or any electric feeling that you get when you are in love. Does he consider as my first kiss or will the guy that makes me feel you know whatever that feeling is, be my REAL first kiss?


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  • It's so funny you ask this question because the exact same thing happened to me! My first kiss was for a play, I was (still am lol) 16 and the guy was (still is) 20! We became friends but weren't in love or anything. The kiss didn't really have a passion to it because obviously it was just for a play. I wonder myself if he thinks he gave me my first kiss or not. It's super funny that you asked this and how it's so similar to what happened with me! Lol to me, I see it like this : it doesn't matter weather other people or the guy considers it your first kiss, it's what you want it to be. If you decide that since it didn't mean anything, it wasn't your first kiss, then it wasn't, but if you chose that it was your first kiss, then it was. I'm still not sure if mine was or not.

    • If it was for a play it was probably just a light peck, not like what the asker is talking about where it sounds like they made out a couple of times when he was "teaching" her. The fact is though that you can't choose which kiss you want to be your first

    • Ya it is different, but she it's still up to her whether she wants it to count or not. You're not a girl, to us it's more of an emotional thing then a physical one. It wasn't necessarily her first kiss unless she wants it to be.

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  • I think you already know the answer to this question, and you just regret that your first kiss wasn't magical. You can't have two first kisses.

  • Ya that feeling of a REAL Kiss as you called it is so good... I remember it really well My girlfriend who I just broke up with were hanging out in her house, I was her first Kiss ever and we were in her kitchen I was saying how she needed to practice kissing to get better and her mom was pulling in the driveway as this was happening so I took her by the hips and she put my hands on my shoulders and I just held her for a couple seconds and we were just looking into each others eyes then her mom walked in the front door and we heard it opening so we just did a quick little kiss and the feeling I got from the Kiss it was just incredible I don't know how to explain it but there was something about it the way she put her hands on my shoulders how as I pulled away her hand went down my arm it was that electric feeling you were talking about. It was great...

  • Physically yes but in your heart you know you guys are just friends, and I'm sure he thinks that too... maybe. lol =)


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  • I guess it depends on your judgment. I think I disagree on PureFury's idea that you can't have two first kisses. you had your first one, and it was merely a form of, say, an exchange of saliva between you too (sounds gross, I know). then you may have that another first kiss with that special someone, where you feel like the world stops turning and it's just so... magical. it all depends on YOU.

    i, for one, had my first kiss with a stranger. I don't regret it because he wasn't bad at all. then I had shared a kiss with someone I consider really special and that, was also a first.

    so don't worry about what everyone says about the general idea of "first kisses". we all have our own understanding of the idea. :)

  • Ahh well sweetie... your first kiss will be the magical one that you remember when you're old and grey :)

  • Uhmm. Well he could consider it but you don't have to. And he can be your real kiss ( your current someone.) it's whatever you decide. Because the other guy was just teaching you lol ;)