Why does he always talk about sex in texts but not in person?

Why would a guy be really sexual in his text messages, but say nothing about sex when we hang out and instead seem to be focused on getting to know me? He says it's because he's bored when we text, and if you're going to talk about sex in person, you may as well just be having it.

Is this a sign the guy is more "hit and quit"? Or is he being legit?

(He's 30.)

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  • Because guys are horny bastards and can't resist. I don't know.

    Seems like you don't need to talk about sex in person, ya just go in for the kill!


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  • Texts are more impersonal so he feels more confident talking about these things. Face to face he may lose a little confidence and think it might put you off if he brought it up.


What Girls Said 1

  • you already have your answer. why are you asking this question?