Do you think my girl is lying to me?

I've caught her trying to make me jealous in the past before. And she lied about it. She was a self proclaimed slut. I thought I was a player. We started hooking up and just connected. Fell in love. She told me that she didn't hook up with that many guys but just said that. This was after she had already told me she sleeps around.

Couldn't see each other for 6 months. No contact because of her parents.

We saw each other confessed our feelings and she decided to have the talk what are we. So I tell her to be mine. She was happy. We still are sneaking around so we only see each other about once a month.

She says to me one day "oh I think a bigger hoe than you and I never thought about cheating so I know if I'm not thinking it you'll be fine" then she says oh me and my friend were counting the other day how many guys I've hooked up witb and I'm in the 30s.. WTF she is 18 years old.

I haven't officially caught her lying about other guys but it seemed so obvious in the past.

I'm four years older than her and I think she thinks she's not good enough for me. I remember the first time I asked her to be mine she cried was so happy and asked ".. are you sure?" I'm successful and I'm getting my career established whilst she's starting school.

When I started slut shaming her into oblivion she gave me an in depth novel on how she regrets it. And she stopped seeing 4 guys for me.. having sex with four guys? Plus me?

Do you think it's possible she is saying these things because she thinks that is what I want? She is extremely passive aggressive sometimes.

I don't know what to think. She's just sketching me out. Doesn't add up. By the way.. that number convenietly changed to 10 guys she actually had sex with. Even though she said 30. The. 10 of them don't count because it was just making out. I don't know what happened to the other 10. Numbers are not adding up either.

Love her just want to get to the bottom of this.


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  • I would feel shame if I stay with that kind of girl move leave her u want her as wife
    But if just for bed personaly I dont like that type of girls but up to u if u just want her for bed

    I feel 99% u will discover new things about her and u will not like
    Forget about serious realitionship with that girl u can't make her as u want she's as herself the worst thing u can do is plan to marry her

    Find some other girls go some party find out some another types

    Broke up think by ur mind not ur hart or 90mind 10hart
    U can't run by ur emotion

    • Do you think she is lying to me though?

    • I think so